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Basics Of Negligence in Denver

A core element of premises liability is the concept of negligence. Legally, negligence means that the defendant was owed a duty of care, that care was breached, and that the victim was injured.

The core principle of negligence and duty of care can give victims of premises liability accidents recourse to bring a case against a careless property owner or manager.

What Is Premises Liability In Denver?

In Colorado, premises liability is governed under the CRS § 13-21-115, the Premises Liability Act. This act explicitly designates the levels of duty of care offered to three different groups of people.

Knowing these categories is important because it affects the level of duty of care offered to plaintiffs. Additionally, this duty of care directly affects what damages an individual may be eligible to receive in their Denver premises liability case.


These individuals have permission and an implicit or explicit invitation from the property owner to be on the property. Invitees usually intend to be on the property to conduct business.

An example of an invitee would be someone visiting a hospital for a checkup or a contractor working in your home.

Invitees have the highest duty of care under Colorado law.


These are individuals who have permission to be on the property as a guest of the property owner or lessor. Usually, these individuals are on a property due to personal or social reasons.

An example would be a social gathering for a birthday party. Licensees have a lower duty of care offered to them than Invitees.


These are individuals who do not have explicit or implicit permission to be on the property. They are on the premises without the owner’s knowledge and permission.

Trespassers are offered the lowest duty of care. If trespassers are injured on a third party’s property, the property owner is only responsible for the harm they “willfully or deliberately cause.”

In some states, trespassers are owed a “duty to warn,” such as a sign indicating a known hazard on the property. This is not the case for adults aged 18 and older in Colorado.

The Difference Between Denver Premises Liability And Slip And Fall Cases

A common question about premises liability cases is how they differ from what’s known colloquially as “slip and fall” cases. Essentially, slip and fall cases fall within the broader category of premises liability, which governs a range of incidents that occur on a property owner’s premises.

So, for example, if an individual chooses to bring a slip and fall case against a negligent property owner or manager, that person would be bringing a premises liability case. Then, the conditions that caused their injuries and damages would be a wet or slick floor.

Additional Examples Of Common Premises Liability Cases In Denver

It’s important to know that the Colorado Premises Liability Act covers more than just slip and fall cases. In cases of pedestrian accidents, premises liability may come into play when the accident occurs on a property owned or operated by a negligent entity, such as a business or property owner, who failed to maintain safe conditions or provide adequate signage or warnings for pedestrians. A pedestrian accident lawyer in Denver can help you understand liability in these cases.

If you or a loved one has experienced any of the following and it has caused injury, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit with our Denver personal injury lawyers against the negligent third party in a Colorado court of law:

  • Uncleared snow or ice
  • Dog bites
  • Negligent security
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Elevator or escalator malfunction
  • Inadequate stair or balcony railing
  • Inadequate pool fencing
  • Broken sidewalks
  • Open excavations
  • Faulty maintenance
  • Uncleared construction materials
  • Toxic exposure

Even if the circumstance that caused an injury isn’t on this list, contact the firm of Dulin McQuinn Young today. We’ll be able to give your potential premises liability case a proper assessment during our free, no-obligation case review process.

Examples Of Accidents That Could Occur From Premises Liability Cases in Denver

If someone is hurt on another’s land as an invitee, licensee, or trespasser, they may be able to sue for their injuries.

After serving the area for decades, our Denver premises liability attorneys have seen the following injuries due to a breach of duty of care in premises liability cases.

It’s the duty of the landowner to ensure all those on their property have a safe experience and don’t have to experience the pain associated with these injuries.

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