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Delivery drivers are essential to our modern economy. However, accidents involving delivery drivers can be a stressful and overwhelming experience for everyone involved.

If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident with a delivery driver, Dulin McQuinn Young can help you recover the maximum possible compensation after your incident.

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How a Denver Delivery Driver Accident Attorney Can Help

Delivery drivers are under time constraints to provide customers with goods and services quickly and cost-effectively. Doing so increases deliveries and profitability for restaurants, retailers, and grocers across Denver. 

Emphasizing speed over safety places other drivers, consumers, pedestrians, and even delivery drivers themselves at risk of accident injury, or death. The companies responsible for these Denver truck accidents often try to deny liability or shift blame to the accident victims.

At Dulin McQuinn Young, our delivery driver accident attorneys thoroughly investigate every accident to build your best possible case for injury compensation. We are experienced negotiators and litigators who are determined to hold negligent drivers and companies responsible for the injuries they cause.

Dulin McQuinn Young will demand you receive just compensation allowing you to fully heal from your injuries. Our legal team is prepared to go to trial for you when no fair settlement is forthcoming. 

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Delivery Driver Training Requirements in Denver

Accidents with delivery drivers can result in serious personal injuries in Denver and property damage, which can be costly to repair and may require extensive medical treatment.

So an important question to pose is whether delivery drivers are trained adequately to prevent car accidents in Denver.

Gig Workers

Individuals driving their own vehicle to deliver food only need a standard Class C driver’s license. As gig drivers driving on behalf of apps, these drivers are considered independent contractors. They have little-to-no professional driving training outside of what is required to receive a Colorado driver’s license.

Package Delivery

You might assume that if an individual was driving a delivery truck on behalf of a large delivery company or organization such as Amazon, UPS, FedEx, or even the United States Postal Service, they might require these drivers to have more training. That is not always the case.

Individuals who drive on behalf of these organizations are still only required to have a Class C driver’s license in Colorado, not a CDL (unless specifically driving a freight truck).

Causes of Delivery Driver Accidents in Denver

Most delivery driver accidents are the result of human error. Rarely are injuries unpreventable. 

When drivers act recklessly or exercise poor judgment, others suffer the consequences. Drivers may:

  • Make abrupt stops;
  • Suddenly backup;
  • Drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • Speed;
  • Ignore traffic rules and regulations; or
  • Driver while distracted by GPS, eating, or texting.

Companies that hire delivery drivers may fail to train drivers or hire drivers without adequate experience. They may not perform routine truck maintenance.

Cargo loaders may improperly load or overload delivery trucks. Off-balance loads can shift and cause a truck to tip or lose packages. By addressing these factors, companies can help minimize the occurrence of any potential pedestrian accident in Denver and create a safer environment for all road users.

Injuries Resulting from Denver Delivery Driver Accidents

Regardless of the cause, delivery driver accidents can cause serious injuries affecting a victim’s ability to work and maintain their monthly living expenses. This may be in addition to a significant recovery period and large medical bills. 

Delivery driver accident injuries may include:

Filing a delivery driver accident claim can help cover any accident-related losses including:

  • Current and future medical costs;
  • Lost wages and loss of earning potential; and
  • Pain and suffering.

Coverage of accident-related losses relies heavily on the employment relationship between an at-fault driver and their company.

What Happens If I’m In An Accident With A Denver Delivery Driver?

You’ll need to call the police, file a report with them, and notify your preferred legal partner.

However, what happens next largely depends on if the driver was driving on the clock and for what company.

Grubhub: as Denver’s top-used delivery service, GrubHub does not offer additional liability coverage for individuals while driving on their behalf. This makes them an outlier from the competitors in the gig-delivery economy. Grubhub requires its auto delivery drivers to use their consumer-grade car insurance.

DoorDash: Denver’s second favorite delivery service has additional liability coverage for when a driver is on an active delivery. This is determined to be from accepting the request until the order is completed or canceled. Their liability coverage kicks in when drivers are online but not actively driving for a request.

UberEats: as Denver’s third-most used delivery app, UberEats has a fairly generous liability policy that covers not just actively delivering drivers but online and waiting for requests as well.

Amazon Delivery: Amazon delivery drivers are contracted through a third party. Therefore, any claims must be filed against the third party that employs the delivery driver.

Amazon Grocery: Amazon groceries are delivered through Whole Foods. Whole Foods carries a $1,000,000 liability policy for injury accidents.

Fed-Ex: Federal Express has a general damage policy of up to $5,000,000 for both residential and commercial truck deliveries.

USPS: The United States Postal Service has comprehensive liability coverage of up to $1,000,000 in damages.

Why Use A Denver Delivery Driver Accident Lawyer Like Dulin McQuinn Young

Due to Colorado’s lack of liability coverage standards, delivery driver accidents are complicated. There’s a lot to contend with when you want to focus on your or your loved one’s healing.

At Dulin McQuinn Young, we know how to navigate the nuances of your Denver delivery driver accident. From explaining the statute of limitations in your case to seeing what damages you may be eligible to receive, we are on your side in your fight for justice.

So don’t hesitate to contact our Denver delivery driver accident attorneys today to request your free one-on-one case review for your delivery driver accident. A real member of our firm will touch base with you within 24 hours to help you navigate the next steps in your case.

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