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Colorado has some of the most scenic highways and byways in the United States. As one of the state’s unofficial monikers is the Gateway to the Rockies, locals, and tourists come out to Denver and surrounding cities to enjoy the views of the great outdoors.

But disaster can easily strike individuals traversing these beautiful roads, especially if they’re on a motorcycle. Car and vehicle accidents involving motorcycles are all too common on Colorado roads, often injuring or killing the motorcycle riders involved and tearing families apart.

Denver Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

If this type of disaster has struck you or a loved one, it’s important to understand what your options are. At Dulin McQuinn Young, we want to share that those motorcyclists injured due to a car or other motor vehicle accident may be eligible for compensation.

Our trusted, skilled, and trial-proven Denver motorcycle accident attorneys have received many successful settlements and trial verdicts for our clients, amounting to millions of dollars won since the firm was established.

If you’re ready to get the justice you and your family deserve in your Denver motorcycle accident case, contact our firm for your no-obligation, free case review today. During your motorcycle accident consultation, you’ll meet with a valued member of our legal team, and we’ll discuss your options in your motorcycle crash case at length.

Meet Attorney Travis S. Young

Travis Young | Dulin McQuinn Young LLPIn 2021, Mr. Young fought to win one of the top ten personal injury verdicts in Colorado which is just one of his numerous seven-figure verdicts.

Mr. Young has dedicated his career to representing victims and continues to fight for victims and secure compensation for their personal injuries in Denver.

He has extensive experience as he was a Deputy District Attorney in El Paso County, a Senior Assistant Attorney General for the State of Colorado, and in charge of the Dan Caplis Law Firm’s pre-litigation unit.

Our Denver Injury Case Results

We are proud to represent injury victims in Denver and across Colorado with integrity and fierce dedication. Some notable settlements and verdicts we have secured on behalf of our clients include:

  • $11,000,000 Settlement: Contested liability in wrongful death trucking case in Weld County, CO.
  • $7,750,000 Settlement: Catastrophic injury trucking case in Larimer County, CO.
  • $6,000,000 Settlement: Jury trial verdict against a commercial bus company in Denver County, CO.

“Travis Young has been so amazing and helpful over this past year and was doing the most for me.”- K.E. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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The Scary Reality Of Motorcycle Wrecks

Across the nation, there were 5,579 motorcyclist fatalities in 2020, accounting for 15.6% of fatalities according to the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration (NHSTA)’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS).

In 2021, there were an estimated 202,474 motorcycles on Colorado roads. Within that same year, there were 140 motorcyclist fatalities. In Denver County alone, 11 motorcyclists lost their lives after being in a motor vehicle accident.

For every mile traveled by a motorcycle in the United States, the risk of being killed in an accident is 34 times higher, and the risk of being injured is 8 times higher.

Despite this surge of accidents and deaths, there is often a noted lack of courtesy and understanding offered to Colorado motorcycle riders.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Denver Colorado

Colorado has few very specific motorcycle helmet laws. These apply across the state and in Denver proper. 

While wearing a helmet and other protective gear is the best way to protect from motorcycle accident injuries, Colorado only requires those persons under 18 years of age to wear a helmet when operating or riding a motorcycle. Motorcycle helmets must be Department of Transportation approved.

ALL motorcycle operators and passengers must wear protective eye gear in Colorado.

Why Motorcyclists Get In Accidents Due To Motorist Negligence in Denver

For you (or your loved one) to comprehend the issues surrounding your case, you need to understand why motorcyclists are injured or perish on Colorado highways and roads each year.

NHSTA reports that 94% of vehicle crashes occur due to driver negligence and error.

A motorist may cause a motorcycle accident via any of the following negligent actions:

  • Inattentively opening car doors
  • Reckless driving
  • Alcohol or drug use
  • Speeding
  • Lane splitting or switching
  • Sudden stops
  • Inattention to the road
  • Left turns and yield failures
  • Blind spots

A collision between a motorcycle and a pedestrian or bike could also occur when a pedestrian is crossing the road at an intersection without carefully checking for oncoming traffic, and a motorcycle traveling at a high speed fails to stop or avoid the pedestrian in time, resulting in a pedestrian accident.

How Long Will It Take for My Denver Motorcycle Accident Case to Be Resolved? 

The time it takes to resolve a Denver motorcycle accident case varies from case to case. Some cases may resolve in as little as six months while others may take a couple of years. 

How long your case will take depends upon the seriousness of your injuries and your prognosis for recovery. The following outlines steps to take after a motorcycle accident to help you achieve a successful case resolution.

Your first priorities after any motorcycle accident are to seek medical attention and document your accident.

This includes your visit to the emergency room and participating in any doctor-recommended follow-up care for your accident-related injuries. You will add your medical records and bills to any evidence you can gather from your accident scene such as:

  • A police report;
  • Photos of the accident scene, damages, and injuries;
  • Eyewitness information; and
  • Information from other involved parties.

All of these are valuable documentation your attorney can use when filing and investigating your accident claim. Once your claim is filed, the other party’s insurance company will likely enter negotiations with your attorney to settle your claim outside of court.

Most insurance claims are settled before trial. However, it is not wise to settle your claim before you are released by your doctor and you know your final accident-related losses.

Insurance settlements are final. You will not receive compensation for future or unanticipated expenses once you sign a settlement agreement.

Your experienced motorcycle accident lawyer will advise you if and when it is appropriate to settle your claim. Typically this is when your doctor tells you that you have reached maximum medical improvement or MMI.

If you do not come to a settlement agreement, your attorney may suggest taking your case to trial. Regardless of how your case is settled, all motorcycle accident claims must be filed within three years of the accident date in Colorado.

Common Injuries Stemming From Denver Motorcycle Accidents

As a car or other four-wheeled vehicle has more crush protection and restraints than motorcycles, this can yield more intense injuries than other means of transportation.

Commonly studied motorcycle injuries include the following:

Additionally, although they are not as commonly studied, motorcycle injuries can also yield burn injuries, crushed limbs, torn joints and ligaments, and amputations of limbs and digits.

The fact that Colorado only requires age-specific helmets can worsen injuries from motorcycle accidents. The Centennial State only requires helmets for minors under 17.

Types Of Damages In Denver Motorcycle Cases

Personal injury cases in Denver often involve different damages, such as compensatory, punitive, economic, and non-economic damages.

  • Economic Damages: real, tangible costs associated with the victim’s injuries. This includes medical bills, care expenses, and lost wages or earning potential.
  • Non-Economic Damages: intangible costs associated with the victim’s injuries. This includes categories such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of society.
  • Punitive Damages: damages that have no tie to the victim but seek to punish the defendant for exceptionally reckless or negligent actions.

What’s My Denver Motorcycle Accident Case Worth?

An ethical legal advisor cannot give you a guaranteed dollar value of your motorcycle case settlement or verdict.

However, some factors, such as the following, will likely affect your eligible compensation.

  • Liability: as Colorado is a modified comparative negligence state (meaning the value of damages is reduced proportionally to how at fault you were in the motorcycle accident), you or your loved one’s hand in the motorcycle accident will impact how much you can receive.
  • Injury Severity: if it is determined the victim of a motorcycle accident will require support in a way that was not required before the accident, then more damages will likely be awarded in such a case.
  • Insurance Coverage: Colorado is a “fault” state for car insurance, meaning that the liable party’s insurance will be responsible for losses without the injured party’s motorist coverage coming into play.
  • Sustained Financial Losses: if the financial damages to the injured party are grievous, then it is likely that a settlement or a jury verdict will be greater in a Colorado motorcycle accident case.

Contact our Denver motorcycle accident lawyers to see what your case may be worth.

“This was my first time needing a lawyer and was new to all of this. Everyone was incredibly understanding and compassionate.. I highly recommend this team of amazing people.”

Karys E.

Statute Of Limitations In Colorado Motorcycle Accident Cases

For car accident-related cases in Denver, the statute of limitations is 3 years from when the injuries were discovered.

If the accident causes the victim to pass away, then family members may utilize the wrongful death statute of limitations, which starts from the time the motorcycle accident victim dies.

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Denver Motorcycle Accident FAQs:

How Can a Denver Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help Me with My Case?

With specialized expertise, we navigate the unique complexities of motorcycle accidents, creating a tailored plan for your Denver motorcycle accident case. We handle insurance communications, ensuring your rights are protected and your interests prioritized.

Evidence gathering is key. We meticulously document accident details and analyze records. Our negotiation skills aim for a fair settlement covering medical expenses, damages, and impact on your life.

Partner with us and gain a strong advocate during this challenging time. Reach out for a free consultation, and let us guide you toward resolution with confidence.

What Evidence Is Crucial for Building a Strong Motorcycle Accident Injury Case in Denver?

Building a strong motorcycle accident injury case in Denver requires gathering and presenting strong evidence. Here are some of the most important pieces of evidence that can be used to build a strong case:

  • Police report: The police report is an official record of the accident. It can include information about the time, date, location, and circumstances of the accident. It can also include information about the vehicles involved, the injuries sustained, and the drivers’ statements.
  • Medical records: Your medical records document your injuries and treatment. They can be used to prove the severity of your injuries and the cost of your medical care.
  • Witness statements: The statements of eyewitnesses to the accident can be very helpful in proving liability. Witnesses can provide information about what happened, who was at fault, and the extent of your injuries.
  • Photographs or videos: Photographs or videos of the accident scene can be very helpful in reconstructing the accident and proving liability. They can also be used to document your injuries.
  • Expert witness testimony: In some cases, it may be necessary to hire an expert witness to testify about the cause of your injuries or the value of your damages. An expert witness can provide valuable testimony that can help you win your case.

We will work with you to gather all of the evidence necessary to build a strong case for your Denver motorcycle accident injury claim. We will also work with you to get the compensation you deserve.

If the Motorcycle Accident Resulted in Serious Injuries, How Do I Calculate the Damages I’m Entitled To?

At our law firm, we understand the significance of these situations. We’ll work closely with you to assess the full extent of your injuries and their impact on your life. This involves evaluating medical expenses, ongoing treatments, potential future medical needs, and any necessary lifestyle adjustments.

We also take into account the financial losses you’ve experienced due to the injuries. This includes lost wages, reduced earning capacity, and the overall disruption to your daily routine.

In addition to these tangible costs, we consider the intangible damages like pain, suffering, and diminished quality of life. While harder to quantify, they hold just as much importance.

Our experienced team will utilize a combination of medical records, expert opinions, and legal knowledge to ensure all aspects of your damages are thoroughly evaluated. Every case is unique, and we’ll tailor our approach to your specific circumstances. Feel free to reach out for a free consultation to discuss your case in detail.

What Is the Process of Working with a Denver Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, and What Are the Associated Costs?

When you partner with us, the journey starts with an initial free consultation. This is your opportunity to share your situation, ask questions, and get a sense of how we can assist you. It’s a crucial step to ensure we understand your case fully.

Now, let’s talk about costs. At our law firm, we operate on a contingency fee basis. This means there are no upfront costs or hourly fees. Our fee is contingent on the outcome of your case. If we succeed in securing compensation for you, our fee is a percentage of the amount recovered. If we don’t win, you don’t pay us anything.

Throughout the process, we’ll dive into the details of your case. This includes gathering evidence, negotiating with insurance companies, and possibly representing you in court. We’re here to simplify the legal complexities and guide you at every step.

Remember, your well-being is our priority. We aim to make the process as stress-free as possible. Reach out for a free consultation, and let’s discuss your case and any concerns you have about costs. We’re here to support you and ensure your rights are protected.

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We serve all over Denver, CO, including:

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Dulin McQuinn Young Is Denver’s Legal Team Of Choice

If you’re looking for a skilled Denver motorcycle accident attorney, look no further than the firm of Dulin McQuinn Young. Our trial-proven Denver personal injury lawyers aren’t afraid to work hard to get your case to a fair compensatory conclusion.

Motorcycle accidents in Denver can be challenging, leaving motorcycle accident victims dealing with injuries, medical expenses, and insurance companies. Seeking immediate medical care is crucial for recovery, while having a Denver motorcycle accident attorney by your side can protect your rights and ensure fair financial recovery. They can navigate the tricky insurance process, so you can focus on healing. With the right support, you can sail through these tough times and get back on track.

Getting started with our Denver motorcycle accident lawyers is as easy as requesting your free, no-obligation motorcycle case review today. We’ll work through all the elements in your Denver motorcycle accident case during this free consultation. We’ll give you our honest recommendation of the best steps in your case.

So request your case review today. A real member of our team will contact you in just 24 hours to schedule your appointment.

Popular Motorcycle Routes in Denver

There are several popular motorcycle routes in the Denver area. If you are a resident of Denver or just passing through and looking to explore, remember that weather can be unpredictable in the Rocky Mountains. 

Always have extra clothes such as rain gear on hand, as well as water and snacks for altitude sickness. Be sure to take advantage of local camping, dining, and museums along the way. 

Some loops to explore include the:

  • Rocky Mountain National Park Loop;
  • Independence Pass, Aspen, and Leadville Loop; 
  • Bailey to Lake George Loop; and
  • Grand Junction Loop.

Denver’s motorcycle routes can take hours or days to explore depending on your pace and time allotted for adventure. Just be sure to ride safely, know your local laws, and watch out for other drivers to avoid motorcycle accidents.

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