When Do Insurance Companies Use Surveillance?

Insurance companies use surveillance as an evidence-gathering tool in personal injury claims. While surveillance may occur at any time during the claims process, it is most likely to occur:

  • Before a physical examination by the insurance company’s doctor;
  • Prior to a deposition; and
  • Before a jury trial.

Surveillance is generally conducted by a private investigator seeking to videotape evidence that a victim is overstating their accident-related injuries and disabilities. Any footage captured will be used to deny an accident claim or reduce a settlement amount.

To learn more about surveillance in a personal injury claim, read the following. If you suspect an insurance company is surveilling you, contact an experienced personal injury attorney for advice.

When Do Insurance Companies Use Surveillance?

When Do Insurance Companies Use Surveillance?

Insurance companies typically use surveillance during the daytime when claimants conduct business and do their daily routines. Surveillance is likely to occur in three-day blocks over an extended period of time.

Insurance companies use extended surveillance to get a reliable sample of a claimant’s activities and lifestyle. If an insurance company is aware of a claimant’s location ahead of time, it is easy to have the claimant followed from that location.

Methods of Insurance Company Surveillance

Insurance companies use different methods to surveil claimants and gather evidence. A private investigator may:

  • Watch and film a claimant from a stationary vehicle;
  • Follow a claimant in a moving vehicle;
  • Interview a claimant’s co-workers, friends, and family; and
  • Monitor a claimant’s social media posts for damaging photos, tags, and posts.

It is legal for a private investigator to conduct surveillance from public locations. A private investigator may also take videos of a claimant while they are outside of their home.

A claimant can tell a private investigator to leave if they are trespassing onto the claimant’s private property.

How to Protect Yourself from Insurance Company Surveillance

You can protect yourself and the integrity of your personal injury claim from insurance company surveillance tactics by following these steps: 

  • Being aware of strangers and unfamiliar cars parked in your neighborhood;
  • Listening to your doctor’s advice and not physically overextending yourself;
  • Staying off of social media; and
  • Asking your friends and family not to post pictures of you or tag you in their social media accounts.

Finally, discuss any questions about guarding yourself from insurance company tactics to deny or lessen your claim compensation with a personal injury attorney.

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