Damages Available in Wrongful Death Claims

A wrongful death is when a person dies due to the wrongful, negligent, or reckless actions of another individual or entity. If you’ve experienced the wrongful death of a loved one, you may be facing medical bills, funeral expenses, and the loss of the income and financial security they provided your family with.  If…

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What Type of Evidence is Required to Prove a Wrongful Death Claim in Colorado?

A wrongful death in Colorado is a death caused by a wrongful act, neglect, or default of another. An individual or corporation may cause a wrongful death.  A wrongful death claim is a type of personal injury claim. Eligible persons bring wrongful death claims to recover the damages they sustained due to the death…

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What is the Deadline for Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Colorado?

If you lost a loved one to a personal injury accident in Colorado, you may qualify to pursue legal action against the party or parties liable for their death. Colorado’s Wrongful Death Act permits certain family members and heirs to recover compensation for the deceased’s medical expenses, burial costs, loss of the deceased’s income,…

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Dulin McQuinn Young Wins 2nd Largest Premises Liability Verdict in Douglas County, CO READ MORE