How Social Media Can Impact Your Personal Injury Case

Social media is an easy way to keep your friends and family updated on your medical condition after a serious accident. You may be tempted to use social media to reassure your loved ones that you will be okay and let them know of ways that they may be able to help you and your family during your recovery.

However, anything you post on social media will likely be used against you in your personal injury case. It is best to avoid social media after an accident to keep your personal injury case intact.

Read the following for helpful information about how social media can impact your personal injury case. For specific case information and a review of your claim, contact our Denver personal injury lawyers.

How Social Media Can Impact Your Personal Injury Case

Your Social Media Posts Can be Used to Disprove or Downplay Your Injuries 

Your social media posts can be used to disprove or downplay your injuries. Social media posts typically contain pictures and geo-location data documenting your daily life.

If you are checking in at events and activities and posting pictures of smiling and having fun with friends, the other party’s insurer will argue your life was not impacted by the accident. Instead, they will use your social media posts as evidence to show you are enjoying an active social life and are seemingly pain-free. 

When you do attend events, ask your friends not to tag you. Understandably, you may go to important weddings and other planned gatherings. However, pictures of you at these events can be viewed and misinterpreted in light of your personal injury case.

Your Social Media Posts May be Used to Contradict Your Testimony

Your social media posts may be used to contradict your sworn statements and discredit you in court. 

Social media posts can reveal contradictory information or weaken your case in regards to:

  • The time, date, and exact location of the accident;
  • The seriousness of the accident;
  • Your injury type, place, and severity of pain; and
  • Your ability to recover from your injuries.

It is best to never post about your personal injury case on social media, as anything you post could negatively affect your case.

Disable Your Social Media Accounts During Your Personal Injury Case

Do not let social media impact your personal injury case. Deactivate your accounts while your case is pending. The chances are too high that an unfavorable post could significantly decrease your settlement amount or sway a jury verdict from your favor.

If you must be on social media for work or some other reason, discuss staying connected with an experienced personal injury attorney.

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