How Long Do I Have to Report a Work Injury to My Employer in Colorado?

Colorado recently changed their laws regarding the time limits for reporting certain work-related injuries to employers. These changes may be found in Colorado Senate Bill HB22-1112.

The new time frames directly affect eligibility for workers’ compensation in the state and are included in the following article. For specific questions about workers’ compensation in Colorado, contact an experienced Denver work injury attorney.

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You Have Ten Days to Report a Work Injury in Colorado

If you are hurt while on the job in Colorado, you have ten working days to report your injury to your employer. You must report your injury to your employer in writing.

If you are unable to report your injury within ten working days or are outside of the ten-day requirement, report your injury to your employer as soon as possible. Failure to report your injury within the ten-day deadline could result in a penalty against your workers’ compensation benefits.

Reporting Your Work Injury to Your Employer

When you are injured at work, you should notify your immediate supervisor or shift manager right away. If your company has employee accident reports, fill one out and submit it to the appropriate authority. 

If your workplace does not have an accident report form, write a brief statement about your work injury including

  • The date and time of the injury;
  • How the accident happened;
  • Where the accident occurred; and
  • What body part or parts were injured.

Always keep a copy of any written accident report for your records along with the date, time, and method of submission. 

Exception for Occupational Injuries

Injuries or medical conditions that occur with time such as carpal tunnel syndrome are considered occupational injuries. The deadline for reporting an occupational injury is ten days from the moment the worker discovers or should have known about the condition or disease.

You Have Two Years to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Colorado

Next, you must file a Workers’ Claim for Compensation form or WC-14 with the Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation. This needs to be completed within two years of your work injury.

If you fail to file a claim within two years of your work injury, you may lose your right to all of your workers’ compensation benefits.

What if My Employer has Referred Me to Medical Care? Do I Need to File a Claim with Workers’ Compensation?

Even if your employer has referred you to medical care and you are receiving treatment, you need to file a claim with Workers’ Compensation. This is the only way to preserve your right to continued workers’ compensation benefits.

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